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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

For you my Hubby

happy birthday my lovely huby

buat suprise ala kadar jer..beli kek... bagi present... fuhh berpeluh2 tunggu kek kt Sr yg agak lembab

kek coklat from Sr

Lap top 4 u... :)

Kad special 4 you..

kek coklat 4 u... dah 32 tahun oke...

This is what I want your Birthday to usher in for the year ahead for you-
B - Blessings so that all your endeavors are successful 
I ? Inspiration to do beautiful things in life
R ? Reassurance in times of being low
T ? Tolerance for both happy and sad times 
H ? Happiness all year round 
D ? Daring to go in unfamiliar areas where other people haven't ventured
A ? Admiration that other people will harbor for you because of your deeds 
Y ? 'Yes, yes, yes', a zest for everything positive in life
Have a super Birthday, my dear husband! 

luv n hug

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